Appreciation Versatile Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award


I got two nominations, Versatile Blogger Award and Kreativ Blogger Award

Many thanks to blogger friends, which has given me nominated blogger award. Is an honor for me. Encouraging, that my blog can gives inspiration to another blogger friend. AMAZING! that’s all that I would say.

A thousand thanks to;

1.  @The Retiring Sort who has nominated me for “Kreativ Blogger Award”  and “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”

2.  @Pinay E-Motion with her nominated for me “Versatile Blogger Award”

3.  @Ingset’s Blog has given me the nomination for “Versatile Blogger Award”

4.  @Adinparadise who has nominated me for “Sisterhood Blogger Award” 

A very high honor to recieve it. Thank you very much my friend.

Now my turn to give the nomination award to some blogger friends, who has given me inspiration, the philosophy of life, and sharing about the techniques of Photography. Nothing impossible to fill it with something useful and positive

I will give The Versatile Blogger Award nomination to 15 bloggers, because I saw their blog has given me inspiration and idea. They are;

1. @The Retiring Sort

2. @Pinay e-motion

3. @Ingset’s Blog

4. @Ailsapm

5. @eof737

6. @Imelda

7. @Adinparadise

8. @Alicethroughthemacrolens

9.  @Jennifer Avventura

10.@Vladimir Brezina


12 @Livvy30

13.@Cee’s Life Photography



To participate in this nomination, I will introduce 7 things about myself according The Versatile Blogger Award rules

1. I like Photography and the techniques, I am pleased to learn.

2. Love to write. Have interested about the political, economic and socio-cultural

3. Love to read detective romance stories, and I am an admirer Alexander Dumas, Nicci French and Jacqueline Susann

4. Music and cooking giving me inspiration.

5. Like to learn a foreign culture and sharing experiences with others

6. I am a simple person

7. I like this blog, and I hope to expand my world.

Hereby I congratulate the 15 bloggers with their nomination “The Versatile Blogger Award”  I hope you can continue this appreciation to other bloggers, who has given you ideas and inspiration.

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